Thursday, September 22, 2022

Meet David Anderson MD, Women’s Care of WI

“I just love obstetrics, and not only for delivering babies,” said Dr. David Anderson. “I love that you can follow your patients through their journey and get to know them and their families.”
Joining Women’s Care of Wisconsin in 2021, Anderson brings his considerable skills and congenial personality to the renowned team of board-certified gynecologists, obstetricians, midwives, and nurse practitioners.

With a patient-centered approach to care, Anderson provides OB/GYN services to women of all ages and stages of life. His specializations range from birth control guidance, family planning, and obstetrical care, as well as treating incontinence issues and managing menopausal symptoms.  

His enthusiasm for obstetrics is apparent when describing the birth of his own daughters.

“The first was magical, special as any first birth any father has ever witnessed,” Anderson said. “Although watching the birth via Skype was not the plan.” 

Out of the country pursuing his medical degree at the time of his daughter’s arrival in the world, Anderson committed himself to a different experience for the birth of their second child.

He achieved that, delivering his own daughter.

“I so appreciated being there and being the first to hold her,” said Anderson.

While the OB/GYN realm would become his calling, it took Anderson a while to discover it. His brother and brother-in-law, both physicians, were the catalysts for his desire to pursue a medical career.

“I appreciated their love for their craft. They are both very good at what they do. Just as important, they are also very happy with what they do. That influenced me greatly,” said Anderson.

In addition to providing obstetric care, Anderson sees many patients in the GYN space, women with abnormal bleeding, often post-menopausal, which can lead to Anderson performing a hysterectomy, as well as pain issues (endometriosis, for example) in women of reproductive age, often treated with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Both procedures are specialties for Anderson.

Asked to describe his philosophy of care, Anderson puts himself in the shoes of his patients.

“If this was me, I’d be looking for the provider to give me all the knowledge and advice I’m looking for so I can make the best decision for myself,” said Anderson. “And to be very kind.”

Key to Anderson’s approach is listening to his patients and asking questions to get an idea of what they are looking for, as well as discovering where they are at in their journey.

Anderson noted the impact of the experience he and his wife had with their OB/GYN specialist prior to starting their family.

“He sat down with us, really listened and took the time to understand where we were and what we had done up to that point,” said Anderson. “Just so thankful to look back on that time and be able to say we were being heard. And that’s how I start with my patients.”

While obstetrics and minimally invasive gynecology surgery are mainstays of his practice, Anderson also has a special interest in urogynecology, the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor and bladder conditions.

He credits a dynamic obstetric and gynecological residency program for providing the breadth of experience that would lay the foundation for his practice. It was busy too—over 6,000 babies were delivered per year.

Anderson, who grew up in Arizona and completed his undergraduate degree at Arizona State University, earned his medical degree at St. George’s School of Medicine, a private medical school and international university in Grenada, West Indies. Despite those more desert-like and tropical climates, Anderson embraces Wisconsin temperatures and weather variety.

“I absolutely love this weather,” he said. “This is where I want to be.”

His patients will tell you he’s a positive, caring person who is there for them, helping in any way he can, a good listener who brings his extraordinary skill set and teaching ability to every encounter.

“I have to admit, I love being a part of some of the greatest moments in my patients’ lives. My happiness and satisfaction come from seeing those I help.”

Dr. David Anderson sees patients at Women's Care of Wisconsin locations in Appleton and Shawano. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Anderson, please call or text 920.729.7105.

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