Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why Are More Women Choosing To Use Nitrous Oxide?

At Women's Care, we believe in providing our patients with options so we can develop a health plan that meets both their physical and emotional needs. That means having the most advanced techniques, which is why we're happy to offer patient-controlled nitrous oxide to assist with pain relief and anxiety during gynecological procedures.

"We have a lot of women who are now choosing to use nitrous just because of the ease and the availability," Tanya Henry, RN, explains. "Before when we didn't have it, just the simple procedure of an IUD placement or a biopsy for a patient who couldn't tolerate it meant we would have to use sedation of some sort."

When nitrous oxide is used for gynecologic procedures, the gas is inhaled through a mask for about 30 seconds before the procedure begins.

Unlike a sedative, the effects of nitrous oxide start to fade quickly as the gas is cleared from the body through the lungs.

"Nitrous oxide completely relaxes the patient enough without the complications that could arise in having to go to sleep," Tanya says. "It's much better than using a sedation option where the patient would be down and out for the rest of the day."

Within a few minutes after the nitrous oxide mask is pulled away, the gas leaves the patient's system, making it a great option for women who need to drive after their procedure.

If you would like more information about how to request nitrous oxide for your next procedure, please call our office at 920.729.7105.

You can also learn more about nitrous oxide on our website by clicking here.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Myth #3: If I Choose To Have A Midwife, My Birth Has To Be All Natural

Even though midwifery has evolved alongside today’s modern health care system, many myths surrounding this profession are based in common misunderstandings that are centuries old. At Women’s Care, we believe education is a powerful tool, so we’ve teamed up with two of our certified nurse midwives to set the record straight!