Monday, June 1, 2015

GYNO 101

Dr. Maria Vandenberg, MD
Obstetrician & Gynecologist  

Hello, and welcome to your gyno exam!

We are happy you are here and hope to make this as comfortable and educational for you as possible. We know that our visits are not something most people look forward too, but we want you to feel at ease in our clinics & with your provider.

First things first: what to expect.

If this is your first visit, and you are under age 21 & are not experiencing significant concerns, we can skip the pelvic exam. This can be a chance for you to establish a relationship, so you have a provider you trust when you do need an exam or are having an issue.

If you are 21 or older, and are due for a pap (we do them every 3 years starting at age 21), then pelvic & speculum exams are recommended. A speculum is a plastic or metal instrument that allows us to see your cervix and obtain a pap smear (which is the screening test used for cervical cancer).

“How should I prepare?”
  1. Aunt Flow is here! Should I still come in for my yearly exam? It depends, if you are not having issues and can easily reschedule, by all means come in at another time. However, we realize it can be hard to fit a yearly exam into your life & we would rather see you with your period than not see you at all. If you have concerns regarding your period or are experiencing heaving bleeding, it is often better to see you at that time.
  2.  Bring a list of questions or concerns. For example, “Is it normal for my periods to be extremely painful?” It is important to keep track of your most recent periods; we like to know if they are regular, how long they last, etc. If you are experiencing painful periods, this will help us figure out at solution to your situation, cramps should NOT control your life!
  3. Know you can tell us anything & that we can take better care of you if you are honest. One of the most important things we can offer is EDUCATION! We want you to know how to best take care of yourself and your health. We can help with issues related to sexual health, sexually transmitted infections, family planning, leaking urine, pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, weight concerns, pregnancy, general health and so much more.
  4. No need to groom, shave, wax, etc.We really don’t notice. In fact over-grooming can lead to problems: ingrown hairs, vaginal infections, and so on.
  5. Sex, please refrain for 24 hours, semen can alter some of our tests and lead to misdiagnosis.
Again, thank you for taking charge of your health and visiting us, we hope it wasn’t as bad as people make it sound, and that you learned a lot!


Your friendly OBGYN